Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MY trip Day 2: Kuala Lumpur

Peeking at opposite rooms.
Seriously we were so close, can see their bed and everything.
When I look down 2 floors, I saw a man naked butt. OHGOSH!
This was taken in the morning and yet I can't the sunlight via these windows.

Sunrise at Genting was pretty. Taken with IPhone.

Kind of like car racing track. Reminds me of Initial D.

Watching Journey to the West on Genting Hotel TV.

Checked out, while waiting for bus to move downhill and happened to saw these pretty purple flowers.

Our 21 years old tour guide.

Hazy road ahead.

Seems like temple on heaven. That temple must be quite magical.

Looking uphill.

Reached downhill and went to one of the local shop.
Saw this purple rice cracker. Quite delicious and pretty colour.

Toilet cubicle with flushing button on the wall. So cool.

This is in toilet cubicle too. We can kind of see outside. Peeping tom.

One big gang.

Jambu neatly placed for sale.
This look more like an art piece to me.

Time for Lunch. When we reached our table, all the water are unevenly poured.
I really don't know how they work.

The lucky fishy draw.

Waiting for the rest to finish Lunch.


Reached KL.

The lucky fengshui symbol under the twin tower. One under each tower.

Twin tower.


View from Hotel room. That fat black building walls are so dirty and black. It really need a good painting to be done. Currently it look more like some haunted abandoned building.

Neatly placed tables for night business.

Searching for dinner.
Kind of look like Hong Kong on TV.

Came across this car plate. WHY WHY WHY?
I saw WTF car plate too.

Close view of that haunted building.

Durian supper.

King of fruit.

Queen of fruit.

The hotel we stayed in: Royale Bintang.

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