Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MY trip Day 3: Malacca + Maur

KL convenience shop.

Travelling to Malacca.
The soon raining sky.


Symbol of Malacca.

Their red house. More towards Maroon to me.

Big gang on the road.

Reached local shop.

12 buses gathered.

On the right side, lot of motorists in bright shiny vest past by along with police cars and traffic police.
They had something to do with the current MY election. I never see SG got such scene happen.

Welcomed by Lions.

Dried Cordyceps.

Mature Cordyceps.

The lion can move. Some kid was inside the right one.

He was gliding everywhere and attract everyone attention.

Polluted drain. You seldom get to see this in SG.

I love their red soil.

For dinner.

We won the big prize. A not so useful camera. Sianness. I am looking for buyer.

Our 3days 2 nights tour ended.
Feel kind of sad cause travelling is what I love to do.
Road start to jam before MY customs.


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