Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bangkok Trip - Day 1 (14 Dec)

My first plane ride.
My first trip without parents. 
Finally I feel freedom. 

So excited to enter.
Our plane departing around 5.45pm.

We were on Scoot airline which was book by our online dealer.
The seat areas were very clean and spacious.
Service were great. So far I had not see any flaws.
The pity thing is I did not managed to sit at window seat.
In future when I book myself, I will choose window seat for myself.
I love the part where the plane fly up. So far I didn't had any serious problem with the pressure.
The smell of the food in the plane were very tempting but expensive.

Reached our hotel around 8pm+, which is SG timing 9pm+.
Thailand King photo almost everywhere. 5 December is his birthday.
Many big organisations wished him 'LONG LIVE TO THE KING'.
Our hotel did look like shopping mall but it doesn't look that bad.
I see a lot of potential for improvements, like their escalators.
They can on it and let people use instead. Make it the first hotel in BKK to have escalators instead of lifts.

Service was great just that they don't understand average English.
They only understand simple and common English.
They don't understand Chinese, so this is hard to those who only can speak Chinese like my Mum.

The room have all necessary items that all hotel should have.
When we researched the reviews, we didn't see anyone mention TV so we were quite worried that there is no TV.
When I am sleeping at an alien country, I need TV and light to be on while I sleep.
I need sound, I can't stand silence, it will really freak me out.

Ger had a problem with the mirror on the cupboard so we use that bed cloth to cover it.
When our room were being make up everyday, the staff didn't took it off at all.
They understand our needs and concerns. HAHAHAH!

I didn't know Bangkok power socket are all different kind.
End up I need to go buy the universal plug from 7-11 for 8SGD.
7-11 is almost everywhere in Bangkok.

When you come to country where you think will have language barrier.
Do remember to take a name card from the hotel so as you can show it to the taxi driver.
Saying it verbally, they don't seem to understand.

We had 2 single beds.

They had double bed.

However their room, the paint were cracking.
Time for them to do something about it.

The staff that we see almost everyday.
I always see him helping guests open the entrance door of hotel with a wide smile.
We always see him with a friendly smile.

After exiting from hotel entrance, there is a bridge on the right.
From this hotel, the nearest and safer BTS to go is Rathechewi.
Cross the bridge and walk towards the BTS.
The road was seriously too scary for me.

There were 2 Starbucks cafe, 1 MacDonald and a 24-hour cafe nearby our hotel.
The shops and stalls along road closed really early.
I feel that the people there start work late (10am) and end work early (8pm).
End up for our dinner, we had Starbucks drinks and Hawaiian pizza.

The shoe stall along the road.
She had all her shoes displayed on the long stretch of empty platform.

As you can see other stalls were like closed.
It was only freaking 8pm+ and all stalls and shops were like closing.

We had pizza takeaway here.
The pizza was quite nice, big portions and with generous amount of pineapple, cheese and bacons.
The bacons were quite delicious.
Ger was like asking if they got any dustbin or rubbish bin and they don't know what we were saying.
We really don't know how to do hand language about rubbish. LOL!

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