Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bangkok Trip - Day 2 (15 Dec)

Woke up at around 8am.
Luckily the complimentary half day tour is not compulsory.
We predicted that they are sure going to bring us to see some temples and get commission from the tourist attraction.
We don't really want to waste our time.

The breakfast coupons that no one seems to collect from us.
In this case, anyone can just walk into the hotel and enjoy the breakfast.

Boring breakfast everyday.
But some thinks as long as it can fill feel the stomach is a good breakfast.

The buffet area.
The green colour drink was guava drink.
It tasted really nice.

The decoration is toilet and lobby area.
There is my favourite daisy and rose smell.

Level 1 area. Surrounding this escalator are hotel rooms.
Weird to see the extra clothings of the decoration on the floor.
Is it their culture style to leave extra clothings there?

Bridge outside our hotel.

View of hotel from across the road.

Messy wiring around BKK.

They have porridge in MacDonald.
We had MacDonald on day 3 and we tried the porridge. Not nice cause their chicken is like shredded KFC fried chicken. Tasted unhealthy.

Fresh orange juice sold in front of counter instead of inside counter.

After that we head off to Chatuchak via BTS to Mochit BTS.
30 baht for single journey to Mochit BTS.
Similarly to Singapore, no food and drink but I ate a candy and get away with it safely.

Train approaching and stopped randomly.
It doesn't stop exactly where the platform indicate.
The man who control the train will come out of the train to ensure no one entering then closed the door and leave.
There is also a security guard to blow whistle to hint that the door is closing soon.
Everything manual style.

Lots of tourists and some locals.
Most heading to Mochit BTS for Chatuchak shopping spree.

Lots of taxis and vans.
Until now we still wondering what are those queueing vans for?
We saw the word BTS. Shuttle bus? Taxi vans?

Shops selling buttons shoes.

Internal of Chatuchak.
Surprisingly, it is not stuffy but cooling.
I regret for not spending more time here.
Next trip I might spend 1 whole day here, morning till night.

Not long later, we head to JJ Mall nearby.
We get to pass by Pets and fishes corner.

Food cooked in a large pot.
The clay pot looked so new and clean.
But I don't really dare to try.

Insects snacks.
Luckily there isn't any spiders.

Cluttered rabbits and little ducklings and chicks among with dirty rubbish.
Why oh why?

My favourite meow meow.

More rabbits.

Lunch at JJ Mall Ajisen.
Tom yum ramen.

Corn ramen.

Rice with miso soup.

Golden furniture shop.
It looked so majestic.
If only I am rich, I might go for this style.

After that we head on to Union Mall via MRT to Phathon Yothin MRT. 
This MRT station is indoor with aircon and much more cooling and safer with barrier door.  

This MRT pass is quite weird.
Scan it while enter and input it into a hole when exit.

Everytime when we enter the MRT or BTS, we had to go through those security door for bag check.
Applied for big bags only.

Union Mall is somewhat like Platinum Mall but smaller a bit but still considered huge, need a day to shop here.
For dinner we had KFC at Union Mall and they have one piece chicken set.

After at night we went to Pratunam night market to shop.
Things were incredibly cheap with whole sale price.
My next time here, I would focus on Pratunam daylight market, Chatucak weekend market and Platinum mall.
I would also love to Wat Pho for fortune reading.

After Pratunam night market shopping, we went Toms N Toms Coffee for chilling and wifi-ing.

Plain Pretzel and orange juice.

Deli and smoothies.

Heading back to hotel.

BKK toilet are super clean.
Their floor are not wet, no smell and seating area are dry and clean with no dirty mark like footsteps.
Compared to SG, we really need so discipline.

Loots for day 2.

Forgotten in the above picture is the essential oil and candle burner.
The essential oil is super cheap for pure essential oil.
I regret not buying more.

Germaine loots.

Gracious and Gloria loots.

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