Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bangkok Trip - Day 4 (17 Dec)

Last day in BKK. 
I really miss this city of smiles. 

Lobby area merged with dinning area.
I really don't like how messy their tables, chairs and sofa are.
All sort of different colours and patterns.
Budget can also looked professional.
This hotel have way much room for improvements.

We are sick of hotel boring breakfast so we head to MacDonald for breakfast. 
Their chicken porridge is not very nice.
The shredded chicken taste like some overnight fried chicken.
They were hard and dry and oily.

We spotted a dog eating grass.
Actually the dog is brushing its teeth.

We head off to Chatuchak after breakfast.
The route to Rathechewi BTS is filled with beautiful graffiti.

Spot the purple elephant.
Cool max.

Reached Mochit BTS.
It is a freaking Monday and those vans and taxis were still there cluttered.
Any Chatuchak market is closed. :(
We saw blogs saying that those permanent stalls will be open but all are closed. :(
Those permanent stalls refer to those pets and fishes stalls.

Lucky spotting of Chameleon.

End up we cab to JJ Mall and the stall we want to go is closed also.
Shortly we travelled to Union Mall via MRT to find out that the shopping mall door will only open at 11am, so we camped outside with other people until the door is opened.

This is what you should do in public transport like tuk tuk and taxi.
Take photo of their name card.

Camping outside Union Mall.

In Union Mall.

Having Lunch after shopping.

Took MRT and BTS back hotel.
We chanced upon so many cars.

Back in hotel to pack up.
On the way back I brought a luggage for 800 baht.
Mad cheap but only 2 wheel movable. LOL.
All 6 of us, extend stay for one for the room to put all our luggages hence it is super messy.

In Airport.
Evil versus Good.

There is some technical problems so everything is in manual.
It is somehow like our downtime.
In airport, do remember to buy their pork floss rice crackers.
They are super delicious and cheap.

 Waiting area to board plane.

 Treat chairs as beds.

Group shot.
Bangkok is really a best buy city.
Future visit, I would really love to go Wat Pho for fortune reading. :D

All the receipts that I want to claim tax but due to stomach pain, I had no mood to do so.
Next time be extra early to reach airport to claim tax and do last minute shopping.

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