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Bangkok Trip - Day 3 (16 Dec)

Day 3 we went MBK shopping mall. 
Please take BTS to Siam BTS station, walking is never a short distance. 
Maybe because we don't know the short cut direction there. 
MBK main focus for me is IPhone and IPad cases but I didn't get any because my current case already very good with hole for lanyard string. 
I must say that Bangkok toilet are really very smell and with no smell. 

This is MBK toilet with aluminium surrounded wall and door.
Toilet bowl is not aluminium.
Entrance fee is 2 baht.

They even do a part for global warming.

MBK also have some shops for you to buy local snacks.
This prawn snack that I never came across elsewhere is other countries.
End up I didn't buy because look unhealthy.

Japanese restaurant in MBK are very well-known.
We went to one of it to have our lunch.

Later we head off to Siam for more shopping hunt.
Again, it is about toilet. LOL!
5 baht for entrance fee with a pack of cute tissue.

Super Junior member poster along with Christmas decorations.

Uncle playing electric violin.
He sound pro and cool.
If you close your eye, you might thought that it is played by a youngster.

One of the fruit stall we came across.
I don't know why they soak them?
I feel a bit disgusted by it.

Chilling at a nearby cafe for raspberry sorbet and free wifi.

Tired and wrinkled leg.
Shopping at BKK is much more tired than assisting at work.

After shopping, we took tuk tuk back hotel.
Our very first experience and I am totally addicted.
It is like on a roller coaster speed.
Do hold tight to your belongings especially when it turned very suddenly.
Your hair and face will sure be full of tiny dust after the ride.
It is not as scary and dangerous as what others said.
But we never know some drivers have got bad motive so still have to be very alert and careful when sense anything wrong.
Because of it high risk, we choose those driver that look more decent and we took photos of the driver license plate in case anything happened.
If they ask where you are from, answer Malaysia instead of Singapore because Singapore have too many rich people and they might open a higher price than usual.
To choose a driver, choose those that a passenger just alight.
Don't choose those waiting at roadside until very long and kept asking you to take their tuk tuk everytime when you pass by them.
Platinum fashion mall area to Pratunam maket around 10-20 baht
To MBK, Siam... around 30-40 baht
To Chinatown around 200 baht
To Chatuchak around 150 baht
Taking taxi is also a good option but not so fun.

After resting a while in hotel, we head off to Platinum fashion mall for shopping.
Road outside our hotel which is the same road where Platinum fashion mall located at is quite bustling with vehicles.
Totally no end.

The steep bridge stairs near Pantip Plaza.

The bus there with nice door.
Anyway it looked very scary.
The door closed immediately when the last passenger step the first step on the bus.
The passenger have not even pay yet.
Omgosh, they were really fast.

Below are all street stalls.
Streets was bustling with crowd so beware of your bag and valuables.

In Platinum fashion mall.
Again, it is bustling with crowd.
Shop owners will also alert shoppers to be alert of thief and beware of valuables.
Platinum fashion takes at least half a day to one day to attack the whole shopping mall.

After brief shopping, we head to Chinatown for seafood dinner.
We gotten this honest looking man as our driver.

Reached Chinatown and head off to T&K seafood restaurant.
Place is super cramp, the place we sit even though got air-con but super cramp and I don't like.
Next time when I come, I will go try red competitor one.
They are just opposite with nicer seat which is by the road.
I prefer open space seating and I want do people watching.

Bird nest and shark fins stall right beside.
We went there to dine after our dinner.

Their chills sauce especially the green one super spicy.
I think Sherylyn will love it!

Huge prawns.

In the seating area, super cramp!

Our dinner.
I love the unique vegetable, taste a bit like smelly bean.
I love smelly bean.
Crab is super delicious too!!!
Their tiny garlics.
It is about the size of SGD 5 or 1 cent coin.

Bird nest with gingko nut is the one that caused me food poisoning.
I mean the gingko nut because they never remove the green heart inside it.
Next time if you want order, please order bird nest with longan.
We ordered longan but they gave wrong.

Mini shark fins soup.
They are delicious but sinful because we are hurting the sharks. T.T

They eat bean sprouts together with shark fins.

Shark fins also come along with a big bunch of spring onions which I don't know why.
To eat? But how to?
For decoration is better. HAHAHHA!

Road along Chinatown.

Promegrate drink stalls are everywhere.
Looked yummy but didn't dare to try yet.
Maybe next visit.

Exposed meat.

Shop owner meow meow.
So cute.
By the way, the animals there are super innocent and cute.

Place with delicious bagua!

After that we went back hotel to unload our and went Pratunam market for shopping again.
Then later we went foot massage.
Damn shiok but I got bruise which I don't know why. :(

BKK platforms are way too dirty.
If only they provide dead skin scrubbing for leg.
They only do simple scrub with brush and then go straight to massage.
Foot massage is 200 baht.

Mine ready to massage leg.

Loot for Day 3.

Germaine loot.

Gracious and Gloria loot 1.

Gracious and Gloria loot 2.

Dear Gracious very engross with the TV program. LOL!
She wrap her head like this and walk around our rooms corridor. HHAHAH!

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