Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fairytale and Fantasy.

Big organisation. Big D&D event. I love the crowd, the noise, the laughters.
I love how the MC made me laugh until my tears were squeezed out.
He was really really really so funny.

RWS f&b staff... I am kind of disappointed with them.
Need to call so many times to serve drinks.
Poured orange juice into teacup.
Need prompt to fill up our empty cups. Our server is standing at his counter and watching the performance. WTH! You should be observing our cups. If you are busy, I can understand.
Take away our dish without checking with us if we had finished. There is still half a plate left!!!
Scoop soup only half bowl full.
Totally not so professional.

Coincidentally a crew passed the feedback form to me. Me and Eva did our very best to mark them down.
The feedback form comment area too small, I had so many things to help them improve.
Not that we are bad, but speaking the truth will really benefits them in the long run.
I believe they will perform better in future like I do.

After the feedback form, they changed our server.
The female server scoop our dessert, served to each of us one by one. This should be the way, the service.
The smile is also important. I prefer all female server. They look more kind and helpful.
They need to be trained to serve efficiently and accurately, and also basic courtesy.
Asking if we still want the dish is not very difficult.
I bet CEO and directors tables got better server.

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