Sunday, May 19, 2013

Memory flashed back.

When I am mid-way studying for my exams few days ago, suddenly my past disturbing memories flashed back. Now, I still feel the strong unfairness and unprofessional of that educator.

When I am in primary 5, my form teacher (Mdm Aini) is the worst I ever meet through out my 22 years of life from kindergarten to university educators. Back them I am still innocent.

Unfainess #1. She accused me that for asking other people help me do my homework. She question me if I did the homework myself? I told her yes so she ask me prove to her by rewriting a few sentence to verify the handwriting. She is convinced and told me that the homework was well done. At that time my handwriting is a bit cursive. However she shouldn't accuse me, it might leave dark shadow in me.

Unfainess #2: There was a time when my classmate Heriyani borrow a pilot ink pen from me. After that she claimed it as hers. So I demand her to return it back to me and she refused and claim that she bought it. Evidence that the pen is mind because around the tip of the pen, there are bloodstain because I injured myself with the pen in primary 2. I don't how the commotion got to the form teacher. I sensed that the Malay teacher is siding with Malay student. I told her it is mine and the bloodstain blah... Heriyani told her that it chocolate. The teacher smell and say ya it is chocolate. I am like WTH...WTF... Even my classmate Edwin said that he used it before from me long long long ago and that F***ing teacher still don't believe. The most angry part is I can't stand people lying and the bias going on. At that young age, my retribution thoughts are already very strong. Anything slanted, I will make it straight. So when she went toilet, I took my pen from her  pencil box and wrote on name with permanent marker. When she returned, I showed her my name on the pen, she gave up claiming that it is hers. She is really sick in her mind. At such young age and she starts going around lying to people.

Unfairness #3: This has nothing to do with the form teacher already. I got this two best friends in primary school; HS and G. We were very good back then but whenever anyone of us like kind of offended this girl called HS, she will tell the group of friends not to friend the person. It was kind of childish. I totally heck care but the most irritating thing is I don't understand why people will follow what she say. When they borrow money from me, I lend them. When I borrow just $1 from them, they report straight to the principal Mdm Tan. Principal also one of a kind. The principal demoralised me by asking if I want to like one of the EM3 student and make an example student by the girl name BL. I am friend with her and so she ask if I want to be like her. What does she mean??? She make me feel like she looked down on EM3 student. This kind of principal fail. She should educate me, listen my explanation and not comparing and threaten me. Failed school. And to that two best friends, they are failed friends. Luckily I managed to have two more friends who are so much more mature, sensitive and understanding.

If my child is being accused, demoralised and treated unfairly, I will make sure the teacher lose her job. I will never let my child go through the pain that I went through.

After relieving, I feel much better.
In secondary school times, I am also being accused.
People are always like that, listen to one sided story and refer to listen to the other party.
I believe the bad people will get their rightful retribution.

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