Monday, June 24, 2013

Better choice available.

I, in fact we don't feel like doing things we don't like when we get to choose.
If a respectable superior ask me to do, i will obediently do it. 
If someone out from no where, without gaining permission and ask me do this kind of time wasting thing when there is a better and free person to do it, i really feel very annoyed. 
Since i don't have the mood to do it, i will not put in any effort to accomplish it.

11 more days.
AAAHHHHH! Nearing.
What left to do is to change money, pack baggage and pick papers.
Mmmm, where should I go in December?

I am shocked that PSI in Maur went as high as 750++.
I am also shocked that while it is so high there, Singapore is going steadily low and clear.
Nature sometimes is really weird. 

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