Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Passion for Purple never fade.

I am not a fan of coffee.
Neither can I drink coffee because I don't know why, after I drank coffee I will have headache and giddiness.
That kind of feeling I have kinda make my mood turn bad and I feel really terrible.
My temper follow suit as well.

Therefore naturally, I won't step in Starbucks or Coffee Bean.
However I found new love in them.
Starbucks ice blended raspberry black currant drink tastes so purple.
Coffee Bean purple cutleries, stirrers and straws turned me on.

So today I did one stupid thing.
I took all purple stuffs from Coffee Bean and put into my Purple box.
I gonna fill it with all purple little things and show off my Purple collection.
Everyone need to have their little secret collection.

Purple does make my heart beat.

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