Tuesday, July 09, 2013

2013 July Bangkok BKK Day 2

Rise and Shine @ 6.30pm
Breakfast starts @ 7pm

Breakfast is nice. So much better than MR hotel. Most importantly is that they are more hygienic.
Safety comes first.
The food varieties are quite limited but they have all the ones that I love.
Bangkok hotdog and ham quite nice. They have minor changes in their food everyday.

Spot the man wearing uniform. He is the doorman who will open to door for us.
There will always be a man who will open a door for us and smile at us.
Do remember to say smile back and say kob-khun-ka (if you are female) or kob-khun-krap (if you are male) with joined hand.

After that we went Pratunam Market just below our hotel and Baiyoke hotel for shopping.
Mass of people and mass of stalls.
Beware of pickpockets and wholesale trolleys, trolley bags and vehicles. Don't let them crush your toes.
Wake up early as the market starts as early as 5am.
We shop till 9am plus before we head to Chatuchak weekend market which opens around 10am.

Area after you step out of hotel.


Cargo train track.

The minor bad part about staying at the hotels around our area is that you have to walk 5 mins to Ratchaprarop station and travel to Phaya Thai station then walk a very short distance to city line and travel to Mo Chit station.
However I think this better than staying at MR hotel or hotels like Amari hotel, Grand Diamond hotel or Novotel hotel. They are not anywhere nearer to any train station. But I think some hotel do provide shuttle tuk-tuk or vans to nearest train station.

While waiting for train @ Ratchaprarop station to go Phaya Thai station.

Busy shopping from 10am+ till 12pm then we have street foods.
Their coconut ice cream (40 baht) is really one of a kind delicious. The roasted peanuts are so fragrant. Below still have lots of big chunks of coconut flesh. Perfect for hot weather.
Clock tower in the centre of market is really a good meeting point.

After which it started raining so we settle down for lunch.
Once again, they made an error in giving us the wrong dish.
We ordered one Phad Thai and one Tom Yum Goong with shrimp but they gave us one Tom Yum Goong and one Tom Yum Goong with shrimp.
We called them and pointed to them what we want and they say it is correct. WHAT THE HELL!!!?
And they didn't serve rice either. We had to order separately.
Those two mineral water on the every table costs 10 baht each.
The meal (Tom Yum Goong, Tom Yum Goong with shrimp, 1 rice) costs 130 baht.

Rain still hasn't stop so we went to another stall for some drinks.
SY love the cup so much that she wash it and bring home.
On the drink stall table, there are raw eggs. WHY? 0_0

After that we had too many loots so we decided to tuk tuk (250 baht due to expected jam) back before travelling back again.
Too many cause I bought an owl trolley bag (350 baht) and a hard case baggage (1200 baht).
So hard to carry these 2 things to walk around with.
Shagged look. SY fall asleep.

After we reached our clean hotel room, we started laughing away because the house keeper did this to SY huggy. HAHAHHAHAHAH!
So cute of their staff.
After that we train to Chatuchak Weekend market again. They close as early as 6pm. :(

We had Choco Banana for 35 baht each.
They are indeed extreme cold and hard but yummy and cooling for the hot weather.
After rain, the puddle became really black, and my leg become very black.
Therefore remember to wear washable slipper and short there.

We bought some street food from the Chatuchak Weekend Market and then train back to hotel to enjoy.
We bought waffles (42 baht for 3 pieces) from Mo Chit train station, grilled river prawns (350 baht for 6), grilled squids (60 baht for 2 sticks) and strawberry yoghurt drink (50 baht).
Waffles taste alright maybe because it is cold already. I would love to try Taiwan QQ waffles.
Grilled seafood are infested with lots of houseflies. Totally unhygienic but still prawns can remove shells so not that bad. It tastes really good especially with the chill sauces. I would suggest to eat this at T&K seafood @ Yaowarat with no houseflies.
Grilled squids are totally tasteless even though they looked like as if well marinated. They will taste well hot and dipped with chill and sweet sauce. When it is cold, it gives off a really fishy and stinky smell. So do eat it hot.
Strawberry yoghurt drink super delicious. A must try!
Photo extracted online.

After eating, we freshen up abit and head down to hotel area for more food and shopping.

We had durian, banana prata and mango.
Durian (150 baht) can be bought a cheaper price of 100 baht. It is not fragrant and bland. Not worth trying.
Mango (50 baht) tastes very sweet and slight sour. Super delicious. 1 person should buy 1 pack to savour.
Banana prata (50 baht) topped with chocolate and condensed milk super delicious and yummy. The sweetest level is acceptable to me.
We were watching Korean MVs on Channel V while eating. After that the TV shows Korean movies with Thai language narrator. It sounds so funny and weird.

Our loot till now.
SY looked like one of the stall owners selling.

Night Night.

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