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2013 July Bangkok BKK Day 3

Rise and shine @ 7pm.
Breakfast @ 7.30pm.

We had breakfast at a later timing and there are more people.
Yesterday had slightly lesser people.

Their pancakes can give it a miss because it is not fluffy and tastes quite sweet. No wonder I cannot find maple syrup for their pancakes.
Beside the cereal is the rice in chicken soup. SUPER DELICIOUS.
Their hor fun yesterday and stir-fry noodles are so super delicious too.

The animals there all have the innocent look.

We went shopping around Pratunam Morning market again.
Sunday morning had lesser people and we saw lots of monk beside food stalls that sell food offering.
Every Thai people really respect their king and monks well.
I saw them buying the offering and kneel down in front of the monk and the monk started recite prayers.
They sell birds for releasing to freedom too.
Sunday is holy day there.

After a few hours of shopping, we went to back to hotel for a short 30 mins rest.
SY did her barbie doll mask while I pack my baggage.

After resting, we head to Platinum Mall for shopping and lunch.
I really don't know how to walk so we anyhow walk and we chanced upon Citin Pratunam.
The location is quite deserted and quiet which I don't really like.

We ended up walking a long way out to Platinum mall and happened to pass by the cheap Pharmacy.
Beautiful mistake.

Then there happened to be a tuk-tuk driver kept pestering us to bring us to places.
Driver: Where you want go? Let me bring you around.
Us: *Shake hand and smile* No, Thanks.
Driver: You going where?
Us: We see see, walk walk around. We walk and exercise. *me stretching arms*
Driver: Where you all from?
Us: Malaysia. *grin*
Driver: Urghhh.... *一脸嫌弃的样子*

I didn't mean to offend any race or nationality here.
They Thai people portrayed Malaysia people as the poorer people.
Someone told me before to not mention that you are Singaporean when you sense cunning strangers.
To protect yourself, you have to tell white lies.

We had some street food; BBQ chicken (20 baht for 2 sticks) and Grilled banana (10 baht for 1 stick of 6 pieces).
BBQ chicken is very yummy and fragrant. It is really well marinated.
Grilled banana a bit bland, a slight little bit hard. Their banana are not as sweet as SG ones.

Our strategy for shopping around Platinum Mall is to start from level 4 for women fashion and shop all the way down to level 1.
Basement 1 had some small food stalls.

After tired of shopping, we had lunch at Platinum mall Zone 2 level 6.
First you need buy the card that cost 100 baht. So we bought 2 card.
We bought Papaya salad (45 baht), Kuay Chap (50 baht) and Oyster omelette (75 baht).
Payaya basic salad  tastes extremely spicy. You can opt for no chill. The spicyness is not a bad thing, it makes you craving for more if you love spicy taste.
Kuay Chap hard a bit of taste if you don't eat organ. But to me is love. The rolled rice noodle is very delicious, it had a strong rice taste. The meats and organs are super fresh. It had pig blood in it and for 10+years I didn't had it already after SG banned it. I want to try Taiwan pig blood cake.
Oyster omelette is quite fresh and delicious with the crunchy edges. The rice flour is also very chewy and fragrant. Below the omelette, there are lots of bean sprouts to overcome the oilyness.

Shop until tired, we went basement 1 for some snacks; I had banana + mango cold crepes (50 baht).
I don't really like it because it is loaded with full of cream and the banana are not sweet. The only delicious part is the mango. The cream makes your mouth feels slightly oily.
The hot ones are a better choice and they are cheaper and less fattening.
I believe hot melted banana and mango tastes better.
There is this machine leg massage (10 baht) on the same floor is super useful for overcoming the shopping leg ache.
After we head back to our hotel and need to pass by the Pratunam area. This alley is congested with massive amount of people.
Beware of pickpockets and random basket food stalls in the middle of the alley. Most kneel down to sell their food so if you only look up high, you might bang into them and become a problem.

Hotel lobby reception area. Small and cosy.
We checked out at 10am++ because the checking out time is 12pm.
You can opt to log the baggage at their lobby.
The staff will tied all your baggages with a number tag and when you collect them they will personally take it for you.
They will instructed you to wait in front of the reception counter.
The locked baggages are been monitored by CCTV so they are perfectly safe.

I really don't like their train-platform gap. It is so big and I really scare when I push my baggage over and it will stuck at the hole.
I really had a hard time with the baggage. If only there is a man around it would be great.
But I did try pushing the baggage over the big gap, with strength, it won't be stuck there.

Our flight is at 8pm+, so we collected our baggage at 3pm+ and travel to airport.
We went Starbucks (Suvarnabhumi airport - level 2) to chilled and people-watching.
I love people watching.

For a cup of tall raspberry black currant drink cost 130 baht. Cheaper by 1SGD.

After which we had early dinner at Black Canyon.
They had a lot of award winning dishes.
We had Tom Yum Goong each and total bill was 385 baht/-.
It is really delicious and worth trying.

Airport takes really good care of Muslim and Monks.

So we went to check in and shop around DFS area. There really isn't anything much.
This time they are better than last time with free-wifi.
At the DFS area, you have to buy their rice crackers.
Of all flavour, I recommend their Tom Yum rice crackers (160 baht per box). They were super delicious.
There is nothing much at the airport so there is no need to reach there so early.
You can go early to enjoy their free wifi on their nice smooth chair.
I love their chair which makes me feel like bring my leg up.

After I reached home, I just digged around my loots, tell a few interesting stories to my Mum and go to sleep.

My next trip back BKK might be next year again after exam. 

A few things I should try next time is:
Greyhound café @ siam paragon
Mr jones orphanage @ siam center
Floating market
Maeklong railway market
Terminal 21
Feeding holy huge fishes along Temple River with big bags of fish food
Chill at baiyoke pub

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