Thursday, September 05, 2013


I think life is very weird.
I used to talk a lot of things in my blog in the past, but as I age, I keep everything to myself.
I feel that I am not so expressive on blog anymore.
I am more expressive face to face.
I wanted to share and I love sharing but thoughts start to flow through my mind.
If I share this, what will be the consequences?
If I say that, will I get into trouble?
I would think of all this cause the things I want to share are my daily life happenings, my personal life.
It is just so fearful.
I love sharing out but I hate getting into trouble.
I don't have the courage to get myself into messy troubles.
I fear that I left a bad impression of myself in other eyes.
I fear of being judge by others and being their gossiping topic.

I am thinking alot but I couldn't control myself.

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