Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Menglembu Hometown Trip

Friday night, 6 Sep 2013, 10pm 
The right extreme baggage and the colourful owl bag belong to us.
Bring there light, come back heavy. It is always like that.
The friends in Malaysia are so generous and gives us lots of goodies.

This trip to Ipoh, Menglembu really makes me feel that travelling via plane is still the best.
I love travelling long distance but I don't like it that I have inconvenient access to toilet.
Further more I don't really like the chaotic queue at the Malaysia custom.
I really miss travelling to BKK but I would also love to travel to other places like Taiwan, HK, Korea...

Trip starts now.
We departed from Beach Road and alighted at Ipoh.
We are on VIP royal coach bus from Grassland.
Seriously the going trip, the coach bus is excellent but the return trip, the coach bus is very disappointing.
For the return trip, the seats are quite dirty, the bus smell of petroleum, the control buttons mostly are faulty,  drivers are quite reckless when driving and their services are very poor.

This is on the going trip.
They provide this TV monitor but it is of no use to us cause we were sleeping soundly in those comfortable seats.
The journey was very smooth even when the road in the Malaysia are so rough and rocky.
The bus was not affected at all. Thumbs up for the coach bus on this point.

The beautiful bright seat with a complimentary mineral water for everybody. 

Journey was slow for going trip cause there was a heavy downpour.
I love the rain but there was some worried thoughts that the bus might be blow away.
Luckily nothing happened.

We departed at 10pm and arrived the next morning at 7am++.

Saturday morning, 7 Sep 2013, 7am++

Upon arriving, we hope onto a taxi which was super super old and dusty.

On the way, we saw lots of dogs, all kind of dogs.
Dogs that bark and look so fierce and dogs that walk in front of you as if you don't exist and dogs that shit wherever they go.
They are hilarious and innocent. So cute~

Finally reached friend house.
Their house just renovated so everything inside is just so nice and clean.
I really had a fear for those kampong house cause of huge gigantic spider.
They are as huge as your palm.

Opposite the house are just nicely built terrace house.
I would love to purchase a house there and design the house myself.
It would be nice when we can return once in a while for vacation and relaxation.
Especially during CNY, we can set off fireworks and fire crackers.

 I love the house for its high ceiling.
If I were to built a house there, ceiling like SG would be good enough.

Walking towards the market.

We chance upon this huge lizard? that was been squashed.
It is quite huge, more like a komodo dragon or rat?
I don't know.

The area there have lots of mosquito, if I were to built my house there, I would plant lots of  rosemary, basil, lemon grass, peppermint and garlic herbs around my house.

Lots of yam planted. Yum Yum~

Overgrown weeds in front of abandoned house.
Lots of small white flowers.

My Mum de mother de brother aka KaoFu.
I am good at those complication family tree relationship.
His house is way too damaged. It might topple anytime.
How I wish I got the money and power to convince him to rebuild the house.

Drying some orange skins that look way too long ago.

KaoFu house.
Very vintage and old school.

A cute white cat starring at us.
White and fluffy meow meow~

After which we continue our journey to Menglembu market.
My Mum says all these bring back many memories for her.
That old medical hall shop is there since she was born.

Time for lunch.
Appetite was kind of affected by the not so clean surrounding.

The not so clean market.
My god! I can never find such sight in SG.

Their moon cakes prints are so deep. So nice for visual effect.

Colourful moon cakes from my Mum favourite shop: 四记饼家
She love the Kaya puff there but due to moon cake festival, they pause the production of it for the meantime.
Mum is so disappointing so we went to a nearby coffee shop to buy.
Oh my, it is damn yummy, but Mum say it is below her standard.

I didn't took any photos of it when I eat so I crop this online.

A drain that makes me feel relieved that I don't see this before my lunch.

After which we returned back to the house for chilling time.
The top left hand photo is where my Mum mother used to live.
Now the house topple down and neighbour used it for plantation.

The far end cubicle is the toilet where my Mum family used to use.
It is amazing that it is still there.

Sunday morning, 8 Sep 2013, 7am++
On the way for breakfast at nearby coffee shop.
The coffee shop that we settle for our lunch as well as purchasing of Kaya puffs.
Food around this area are not as great as described by the bloggers.
I would really love to explore Ipoh one day for their great food.

Sun rise.

Delicious fishball hor fun.
Their kway teow aka hor fun were super smooth and soft yet chewy.
Super nice to eat them.
Their chopsticks are so cool cause they are transparent.

After which we turned ourselves into tourists and explore the mountains caves temples.
3 temples in a row side by side at the foot of the mountains.
During the exploration, we spotted lots of Singaporeans and I started feel so homely.
Singapore is still the best place to be.

Nice sunburst effect with no filter captured by DSLR.

The fur-less dog.

The temple dogs all looked so innocent and nice.

A line of fishes.

The temple where we get to feed tortoises with Kang Kong and cherry tomatoes.
However the water and the surrounding looked so dirty.
How I wish I could do a good deed by volunteer to clean the pond as well as clean each tortoises.

The tortoises area is covered with 4 walls of mountains and when you looked up.

Didn't spot any monkey.

Back to the coffee shop for lunch.
Nice shade of the far-away mountains.

Their chicken meats are super tender and juicy.
Delicious meal.

After which we are back to the house for harvesting for plantation.

My Mum always had a strong craving for sweet potatoes leaves.
So super yummy.

The kids came to run around.

Off to nearby coffee shop for dinner.
Spotted this little kitten that kept meowing away.
I don't know it want food or want its Mummy.
But seeing those kids throwing stones at it and disturbing it is really very disturbing for me.

Sunset glow.

Off home.
Coach bus departed at 9.30pm and arrived the next morning at 5am++.
It was damn tiring.
The nap took in the bus was not very useful.
Luckily I took leave to overcome the tiredness.

This a good trip but it would be best if someone friendly and passionate enough could show us around Ipoh as well.
The friend that we went which are far too concern about money and refused to bring us around.
It is still best to depend on ourselves maybe.

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