Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 March Bangkok BKK Day 3 (16 March - Sunday)

Third day. 
 Saw the lup chup but didn't buy because the stall owner was busy on the line so we feel quite pissed off.

Off we went to the Soka Gakkai Thailand Thonburi Branch. Upon them seeing our letter from SG soka, they got us a very pretty and sweet english translator; Taan.

We are so fortunate to witness a wedding ceremony.

 Their main hall.

Our 2 pretty english translator on the extreme left and right.
The left one is Taan and she is super nice. We had exchanged facebook and became friends. Awesome.

Their floor mat?

 After which, our translator help us grab 2 taxi which run by meter to terminal 21. FINALLY!!!
By metre is so much more cheaper!!!
Thai Government should set a rule, all taxi driver MUST on meter!!!
 We had a good and cheap lunch at Canton house. So cheap, each dim sum dish is 70cents SGD.

I really feel very sorry to her for not bringing her to the kids world. I really want to bring her to Mr jones orphanage. When she is older, she might love bkk for shopping. 

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