Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 March Bangkok BKK Day 4 (17 March - Monday)

Finally, last day. Feeling happy that the uncontrollable situation is over soon. Sad that I am back to reality life. One of my colleague is going to Korea for 2 weeks, how awesome is that, one day, I will make this come true for me too~ :D

After packing, we went shop around again!!! and then to leg massage.

Happened to see this pink rabbit. Owner is happy but the rabbit look helpless and feeling lame for looking so pink. HAHAHAHHA.

 Late lunch at platinum mall food court. Seriously shopping mall foodcourt is so much better than food street. Anyway do avoid MBK fifth avenue foodcourt cause I went to the more expensive version of foodcourt rather than the cheaper one at level 6. Seriously big mistake.

I had already capture many photos before the owner shoo me away. Slow nah!

Saw the white round package. There a long story for it. Way too careless and silly.
On our last day, after the awesome leg scrub massage, we feel that their scrub is damn nice so we ask where to buy it. So we make our last minute purchases each a big bottle and happily put in carry on bag because our check in baggages are all packed and locked. So when we check in, all of us got stopped and questioned about the leg scrub and the officer give up 2 choices, check in or discard? So I ask him check in this small bottle of thing? Can??? He say a bit risky cause too small, scare check in and unable to check out. HAHHAHH! Only then we realised all other adults put in carry on baggage as well and got stopped. HAHHAHA! So we quickly ask the officer to retrieve back from the dustbin and we went to check in with lots of wrapping around it for 150baht. But we were so dumbo to left half a corn inside and the corn got rotten when we opened it. HAHAHAHAHHAH!

When we touched down SG, we wanted to retrieve our baggage at the belt plus that white round thing. I didn't expect it to be out so fast so from far away I was like shouting to the other adults who were waiting there to grab the round thing, and this got the other Singaporean around laughing at us. HAHHAHH! They must be wondering what is that. HAHHAHAH!

 The map that you have to request from the hotel.
So many regret at this trip, didn't have chance to visit Mr Jones Orphanage at Siam Center, After you dessert and Krispy hreme at Siam paragon, MBK foodcourt, Siam Paragon and Siam Square foodcourt, Mont Nom Sod at MBK.

Next time, during my returning trip, I would check in early and dine at burger king inside the duty free area.

Life is really an enjoyment.

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