Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 June Bangkok BKK Day 1 (14 June - Saturday)

Getting ready to check in. Airport is forever busy with travellers roaming around with their luggages.
This is my first time flying the first earliest time slot in the morning.
It was really tiring but I kind of love this feeling.
Our flight time is 6.35am. 4.35am, check in is available and it is best to reach 5 minutes earlier and check in and enjoy at the leg massage chair. Daebak!

Travelling with TigerAir for the first time and I don't really like the point that after checking in to the gate, I had to climb the stair one floor down to open space, take a shuttle bus to the plane and climb a short stairway to the plane. Other than that, the customer services and all other services and seating space are all excellent.
After all, I still prefer Scoot and they are only a few ten bucks more expensive. However only TigerAir have early morning flight.
In future, I will travel to with TigerAir and travel back with Scoot.

While waiting for gate to open one hour before.
Spent that precious time to edit photos, post on instagram and then  have a nap.

 Feeling excited yah~

We waited from dark sky to bright morning sunrise due to some ? air ventilation problem. From 6.35am, we waited till 7.45am. We were on the runway with high speed and suddenly decrease speed and turn back into the waiting lane. Shock me, I thought we need to alight plane and change plane.
Even though we wasted some time, we were still on track with our planned itinerary.

 This trip has the most magnificent cloud view.

 Upon arriving, it started to rain. Luckily our hotel area wasn't affected.

Waited for our check in baggages collection at the wrong belt. Dumb dumb us.

Off we went to buy our sim card.
I think this is really important because everyone have different shopping personality and preferences.
I don't really like waiting for people to see stuff that I am not interested and I am sure my friends don't like either.
So we can shop our own and reunited later via whatsapp.

We bought happy tourist at 299baht only. Cheap cheap cheap~

Finally we reached our hotel to leave our baggages there.
We were so lucky because the room was cleared already so we can straight check in to room and can eliminate the need to come back after that to check in.

While waiting for the train to come.

We were finally at Chatuchak. Lovely weather but after that it start to rain hard. Water started to drip a bit here and a bit there and stall owners starts to collect with pails. However it doesn't affect the shopping experience at all.

Coconut ice cream with coconut flesh in a cup. So much more hygiene.

Managed to try this Chatuchak chicken soup noodle with kway teow. Super yummy and cheap.
It is located at section 21, soi 29 facing soi 47, the nearest gate is gate 3.
The operating hour is from 11am to unknown...
Each bowl costs only 50baht.
The choice of noodle include kway teow, glass noodle, yellow noodle and bee hoon.

After all the leg breaking shopping, we went Yaowarat for shopping at Lin Zhen Xiang and then slack at the bird nest dessert shop.
We ordered white bird nest and red bird nest with 200baht each bowl and it comes with a glass of free flow chrysanthemum tea.
 This bird nest restaurant is just right of T&K seafood restaurant.

Then we proceed to T&K seafood for dinner.
The best dinner ever and I am so in love with the garlic morning glory. Super yummy!!!
Total cost is 1110baht consists of all the dishes above plus 3 drinks.

Reaching the end of the day by ending with a foot scrub and massage for 300baht.
Everyday I always reward myself with a massage at the end of the day and hence after ending the whole 3 days trip, my leg is not sore or pain at all. Awesome.
That pink shirt lady also come for massage everyday.

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