Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 June Bangkok BKK Day 2 (15 June - Sunday)

Thanks to my companion that I do not need to wake up so early. 
Actually I prefer to sleep fuller or else I will get headache. I don't like. 

Light and basic breakfast at hotel.

The waffles supply at Platinum mall basement 1.
Nice meh? Taste too sweet. Texture like bread. I don't like bread.
I thought it will be like Taiwan QQ cube waffles. Cripsy on the outside, chewy and soft in the inside.

After which we go shop shop shop shop shop.........

Lunch at Platinum mall foodcourt.
I missed the pig blood. Singapore used to have then after that got banned le. :(

Because we were too full, we tabao mango sticky rice and lup chup back hotel to enjoy.
First time trying lup chup, the shiny stuff on the surface is jelly agar agar and filling is fragrant green bean.
Nice but 2nd bite will become more and more sweet. I don't think I will buy again.

After which travel to Siam paragon for more dessert and shopping.
Singapore have Kripsy Kreme, I refused to try... Die die must go Bangkok eat cheap cheap de.
WAHH!!! Super fluffy and soft. I like!!!!

We had high tea at Mr. Jones Orphanage. I might go there for their red velvet cake again and probably order a cup of hot tea to balance the sweetness. Other than that, I will give it a miss. The other dessert are too sweet for me.

Our next plan is to start shopping at Siam night market but it was raining. :(
Luckily after a while it stops  so we can shop a bit and buy many. :)

Then we move on to the Pratunam night market in front of the Palladium.
It is diagonally opposite of Platinum mall.
We were so tired to cross the 2 bridges and we were too scare to cross the road so we take a tuk tuk there from Platinum mall.
And the driver laugh at us for the weird request. HAHAHHAH!

Aftermath of raining plus the dirty road.

Too much dessert that we don't feel hungry for dinner so we had local instant noodle.
Yum much but not spicy enough for me to buy some home.

Time for my leg massage therapy again at 200baht.
Kept seeing familiar faces returning everyday for massage. Shiok!!!

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