Sunday, June 22, 2014

River Safari with Mumtaz

We are at River Safari. I am so sad that I didn't took the corporate pass because booked finish le. :(
We were sad that we didn't book the boat ride ticket online because when we reached there, it was sold out.
And because we didn't booked the boat ride, we missed a lot of animals.
We will be back soon.

The happy and carefree duck.

Lots of vintage kampung concept. Nice.

Alligator gar. GARRRR~

The place is too crowded for me to snap a nicer and perfect shot. Later part of this post, there will one.
This is one little small cute dwarf crocodile. It is the largest size it can grow up to.
Small and cute with its big round black eye ball. Just like an innocent doll.

Puffyfish? Pufferfish?

Tigerfish. See the sharp teeths. RAWWRRRR!

No filter at all. In fact all photos posted here have no filters at all.
The sky is just super nice and breezy and sunny. Nice~

They eat crabs?

Seriously too many people.
Best to come on a weekday.

They are huge slowly moving fishes.
What are they thinking?

Elegant or arrogant?
It looks at people like one kind. AAHHAHHAH!

Super super super super super tiny guppy fish.

2 water snakes.

The crocodile is looking at you!

Fluffy soft red panda.

Never managed to take a photo of JiaJia cause she doesn't want to come out to face the crowd.
She is just too shy, as described by the zoo board.

Kaikai walk over to this tree and then take a nap with his hand pressing against the tree to support his onion head. Cute much!

Carrot left uneaten.

Kaikai kingdom. Kaikai still left napping there. Lazybum~

Zoo keeper setting up food for JiaJia and we had been watching them until JiaJia come out.
People had been asking their another family members: are you all watching the people or JiaJia? LOL.

The massive crowd that jam at the JiaJia kingdom.

JiaJia came out but stayed there for quite sometime to eat her food.

Four-legged ? lizard ? fish?

It is really nice to seat on the bridge for a small picnic.
The wind is soft, nice and breezy.

We spotted lots of tortoises in the lake.

We spotted here so long for whatever creatures there is only to find out that is not the main focus.

The main focus is the paper plant. HAHHAH!

Part of the green anaconda. It is seriously huge, as thick as my thighs but it doesn't want to show up.

 I don't know which idiot left the ice cream wrapper there.

 They are all ready to eat you up.

 Breast feeding time of the cute huge manatees.

 Cute otter performing in front of us.

This otter is so cute, it wriggle from the bottom and up up till the top.

The top here to find the perfect spot to rest on. It just kept on wiggle and adjust itself to find the perfect rest.
So cute. I had a video on it.

After one round of the river safari, we decided to go a second round of the first part.
Awesome, there is so much lesser crowd.
We can take good shots.

Cute shot. I like!!!

 Love crocodiles always.

 Small fishes feeding on something skin.

 Nice color.

Kaikai eating adorably.
Super cute when it chew and its black ear moves.

 Eat until lie down position.

 Shy JiaJia.
 Emo JiaJia.

 Under Mumtaz influence, I bought one glow in the dark onion head.

 She bought one JiaJia.

 Empty now. Awesome.

 Huge stingray.

Her bag and scarf are glowing in the dark.

Mumtaz want to go night safari.

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