Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 June Bangkok BKK Day 3 (16 June - Monday)

Our hotel room is on the 8th floor.
The lift is only until 7th floor and then climb a spiral stair up.
Not good when checking out, you have to carry your heavy baggages down.

The famous Wanton noodle shop that is infested with mostly Singaporean.
They have moved and now they are located on the right of Shibuya mall which is located opposite Platinum mall.
When you saw the Macdonald, you are nearby, just turn in and walk a short distance and you will see it.

The wanton noodle very flavourful, noodle very Q also.
Next time I will order soup version to try.

We had a great time at this shoe, we walk all over the shop in bare foot to try the try the massive amount of shoes.

Spotted this interesting keyboard shoe there. Cool.

 Lunch time at Kaiton chicken rice shop.
Actually this place is much more easier to find than I expect.
It is just beside Platinum mall across the busy road and directly opposite Palladium mall.

Super tender and without bones.
Only white chicken, no roasted chicken.
This place is packed with 50-50 local and tourists.
A must to try, do try order their chicken kidney or liver and their soup.

Then we travel to Siam paragon to eat again.
Next time when I come back again, if I didn't visit this shop and eat their dessert, I am not going to go back SG.

Seriously, a MUST to eat the shibuya honey toast in HUGE size... Baby size is just so not enough.
The top part is crispy, the inside is soft and fluffy. Pair it with the vanilla ice cream is just so heavenly great!!!
The lava chocolate cake is a must too. Super fragrant and yummy chocolate.

Next stop for dessert again is  Mont Nom Sod (the milk and toast cafe) for their toast.
I suggest you all come on Monday cause only on Monday then they have taro flavour spread.
Further more, coming on a weekday morning would be less crowded.
So far this shop is fully of local and no tourists seen.
Quite nice, the top is crispy and soft on the inside. The spread is just normal normal only.
Can give it a try, maybe you will like it.

Last leg massage therapy before rushing to airport.
Missed it so much~!

Quick not so nice dinner before we chiong to the gate.
It is just so crazy and scary, we literally run from the bag and body check, customs and to the gate.
We are like running for our life and only to realise so many people are later than us.
I swear to be more obedient to reach airport 2.5 hours before.

Accumulating flight tickets. MORE MORE MORE~

What I love about post-trip is to eat good food in Singapore with Mummy~

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