Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 April-May Seoul+Jeju Day 1 (27 & 28 April - Monday & Tuesday)

Finally got the time to blog after so so long. 懒惰病又发作了。

Can't check in so freely because we had to wait for our tour leader and then check in as a group.
From this time on, I am inspired to be one of them.

Korea! Here I come.
One day, I had to ride on SQ and Korea Air.

Love the quietness, peacefulness and cleanliness.

First time on flight with a TV.
Didn't get to enjoy the shows on the TV cause damn super tired and I had better and funnier shows on my iPod touch.

Leg space wise, a bit squeeze but still fairly ok.
Really shocked that the belt checking part is not as strict as Scoot.
Some of them were still had their bags on their lap.
Safety wise, average. To me, better safe than sorry.

Meal on plane, I had Bibimbap and Mum had fish.
Don't really like it, no appetite at all cause we don't have a habit for supper.
We just want to sleep undisturbed.

 Wake up to these awesome sunrise.

 And awesome view.

And we safely landed in Korea.

Had MacDonald's breakfast at the airport.
Price almost the same. Food wise, I think it is tastier in Singapore.

I am really keen to try this but didn't had the chance to.
Can't eat this for breakfast ya?!

Korea Incheon airport  is really a very busy place.
Lots and lots of tourist especially from China.

Cooling weather and lovely blue sky.
However it is very dry there.
Short term there is good as I still prefer Singapore sweaty healthy weather.

First stop, One-mount snow park. Together with it also have water park.

Believe it or not, in this cold weather, there is still people playing the water park.

One mount snow park to experience 0 degree.
Area quite small but I think there are hidden area inside which we didn't went further in to discover.
I was wearing rubber shoe that day so it was really really slippery on the ice.

 A group of young kids coming to experience.

After which we went outside to have some red bean bingsu.
Super delicious, will come back for it again.

Had this for lunch.
I really love all their meal, so light, healthy and filling.
Best part is it is always for 4 people so they were locals, they may need to find partners to eat with.
Good to disconnect from social media.

Vegetable salad.


Cooking well.

Their streets are filled with beautifully full blooming flowers.
Photo not edited, the color is really so vibrant and lively.

Massive lots of signboard everywhere along the street.

At domestic Gimpo airport, getting ready for flight to Jeju do.
This place is also buzzing with lots of tourists and locals.

Waiting for our flight patiently.
Lots of locals going to either Jeju do or Busan.
I would love to visit Busan one day.

Similarly like Tiger Air, we took a shuttle bus to the plane and climb up the stair to the plane.

Domestic plane is surprisingly more spacious and comfortable than the international plane.

Beautifully decorated coach bus.
Tour guide say Jeju do is full of wind, full of stones and full of women. LOL!

 Raining soon.

They have lots of tangerines there. 

The view there is just so pretty.

Wanted to try so badly but super cold there with drizzling rain.

The dragon head.

Flowers forever.

Took this from the bus with the raining window, hence it is so blur.
But can you see, it is polka dots house. Pretty.

Super yummy side dishes.
The beansprouts, black beans and kelp are super nice.

Abalone soup with rice.

Fresh abalone. Not 1 but 5 pieces, topped with hard shelled prawns and massive lots of clams.
Super super super delicious.
One of the best meal there.

Checked in to Oriental hotel and they had casino at all of their hotel.
We don't see this in Singapore.
We did went in to walk one round for all the casino and it was so damn lonely, deserted and quiet.

I really love the bathroom window.
It really eliminate lots of creepy feeling that most bathroom always gave me.

The really calming feeling of the brightly lighted corridor.
No creepy feeling at all.

Hotel waterfall.
Good fengshui.

Went to their convenience stall to look for cheesesticks and saw it.
Really regret for listening to tour guide that we did went to supermarket but it didn't sell this.
Next time must go their local supermarket to mass buy this back to Singapore.
Super yummy for cheese lover.

That is all for day 1.

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