Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2015 April-May Seoul+Jeju Day 2 (29 April - Wednesday)

Didn't know the hotel had such a beautiful view. 
We were facing the sea! Awesome view in the morning. 

Most hotel room toilet have this.
A function for warming the seat, washing your butt and drying it.

First stop: Minced abalone porridge outside of hotel.

We had abalone porridge for breakfast.
Super yummy. The side dishes are super yummy too.

Love how the flowers are blooming so fully and beautifully there.

Travelling uphill Jeju island and it is so hazy.
More hazier than Genting.
Road up ahead was quite blur and unclear.

Second stop: Trick Art Museum

Third stop: Ilchul land
The place where running man is here. Daebak!

Fourth stop: Lunch 
Forgot what this is called already. 
Some chicken dish, mild spicy. 

Fifth stop: Mandarin farm
It was raining so didn't really visit the farm.
Just saw some cute short pony and many caged fierce dogs.

Look like tiger thou.

Huge fierce dog.

Sixth stop: Seopjikoji
Awesome view here but unfortunately it was raining windy so I couldn't capture nice photos without getting water on my lens.

Still a long distance to walk till the top.

Finally reached the top with a super awesome view.

Seventh stop: Seongsan sunrise peak

Supposed to climb up the hill but due to raining again.
I will climb up one day!

Didn't had the chance to go down to touch the water also.

Love the open green field. 

Eighth stop: Teseum
Shall not share too much photos cause you can see it from other blogs.
Things were standard inside.

Love the haze there thou. 
Love the super cold weather there. 

Ninth stop: Mysterious road
I didn't really feel much maybe because too hazy but things are moving upward when it feel downward. 
I am all the while distracted by the hazy. 

Everyone were conducting experiment there.

Tenth stop: Dinner - Ginseng chicken soup
Super delicious!!!

Eleventh stop: Fried chicken
I hope one day I can call delivery for jajanmyeon, mandu and fried chicken.

Super delicious but I suggest don't buy one whole chicken.
Maybe buy all drumlets would be better.

Twelveth stop: Suana
Finally can experience Korea suana, but this is really too authentic because no one there speaks English. Everyone there are Koreans.
This suana is also very small and dark, not as big and lively as what I seen in the korean variety show.
Next time will visit one in Seoul.

That's all for day 2, time to sleep well and tight. 

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