Monday, November 16, 2015

Taiwan Aug 2015 - 20 Aug - Day 4

Day 4. 

First stop Yong he dou jiang 永和豆漿. 
I feel that it taste so-so only. I feel that maybe this isn't the authentic shop after reading reviews now. 
The authentic one is at Yong chun station. 
We dabao back to our Airbnb to eat.

Second stop to Alpaca cafe 伊亞藝術咖啡館.
Long journey there but super worth the trip.

There we are at the cafe. There is a mini clean white alpaca which is allowed to roam around freely. It won't feast on your food that you order but it will feast on your bags. =.=
But it is really cute and gentle.
You can feed it with raw vegetables stick which is provided by the restaurant.

Adult ones are unable to roam around.

So we settled our lunch here. Food not bad~ Quite nice~

Third  stop to Dansui old street 淡水老街.
I really love this place here. Love the sea view and love the sunset here.
Wish I had more time to witness the whole sunset here. Really pretty and calming over here.

We were very lucky to spot double rainbow here~ Pretty~
In fact we spotted twice double rainbow for this trip.

Very romantic sunset~

We bought some snacks to feast on before we go for our dinner.

Back to our Airbnb to have cup noodles for dinner.
The mala cup noodle is superrrrr nice.
Next trip, I gonna buy back a box of it to satisfy my mala cravings when I still can't find my mala steamboat partner.
And the caramel pudding is love!!! Need to bulk buy back next trip too!
Need to locate their supermarket for cheaper price~

That's all for day 4~ Good night~

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