Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taiwan Aug 2015 - 21 Aug - Day 5

Day 5. 
Moved out of our Airbnb and travel to Cing Jing. 
So on the way we save some time by going to some places first. 
Love the next few days because we are on rented car. Life is easy and relax. 
Driver mention that when we get down car, we are alive, we take photo and have fun, when we get up car, we sleep. HAHAHHH! 

First stop to hou tong cat village 猴峒貓村. 
Because our schedule is really tight, we only spent like 20 minutes there. 
Next trip, I think best not to plan so many places on 1 day, so we can spend more time to enjoy each beautiful places. 

Second stop to Jiu fen old street 九份老街.
Unfortunately the weather is not so good. It is raining so floor is a little bit slippery. Need to walk with cautious.

This is quite delicious!

Bottom right is green onion biscuits with a nice filling inside. Forget what is the filling already.
Definitely a must buy back as souvenirs for next trip!!!

Third stop to Shi fen waterfall 十分瀑布.

Spotted again a double rainbow here.
Super good luck trip. :D

Actually nothing much to see here. Being here once is enough.

Fourth stop to Shi fen train station 十分火車站 to release good wishes tian deng lanterns.
Where are you oppa~

Happened to witness train passing by. The staff there are super nice, they help you with the lanterns, take photos and nice group shot. Super top-notch service!

Fifth stop to Cing jing rest station 清水休息站之幸福天空.
And we happened to witness pretty sunset along the way.
This rest station has lots of lovey dovey things. :)

We had our dinner there and bought some snacks back to Cing jing minsu to snack on for supper.
Love the overhead aquarium at this rest station.

We also saw lots of owners with pets here. Because this place is super pet-friendly.

Sixth stop to our Cing jing white bear minsu 清境白熊屋民宿.
And we spotted the white bear aka the big white dog that look like a bear while going to our room.
Because it was already night time, I thought it is really a big huge bear. Scared die me.
After looking closely, it is actually lying down on a small little white sofa. AHHAHHAHAHAH!
Actually it is just like a normal size big white dog. AHHAHAHHAHAH!
Cing jing area is cooler than Taipei but unfortunately we only staying here for 1 night. Love the cooling weather and the quiet peaceful surrounding here. Love the comfy floral prints bed too~

That's all for day 5~ Good night~

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