Sunday, December 06, 2015

Bangkok Nov 2015 - 27 Nov - Day 1

As usual, Bangkok trip is always about shopping, eating and massaging.
My main purpose every trip.

Scoot air tickets really very expensive. But happy that they now can accumulate krisflyer points. Similarly for TigerAir. If not for one of the travel partner, we would not have book Scoot Air.

Nearly 2 years from my last Scoot trip. I love the seat space and the window of Scoot.

This is the window, automated one. We can adjust the shade by ourselves. And there is a few shading. When it is landing or flying up, it will automatically adjust itself to fully transparent. Save the trouble of the stewardess having to wake us up to open the window or they themselves stretch themselves to open for us. Awesome!

Totally love the leg space.
However I also love Tiger Air also, for the cheap price! LOL!

First time arrival in DMK airport. All the time, we always landed in S airport.
This airport really super not convenient, super nothing to shop.
I still prefer the S airport and SG airport the most.
So we took a taxi, paid like 820baht for 4 person. Totally expensive max. Either we pay high taxi amount and save time or waste time and queue for taxi at around 400-500 baht.
In S airport, you save time, take train and pay less than 100 baht per person.

Finally arrived in Budacco hotel and checked in.
Every trip I will book this hotel after my first lovely experience with them.
Only in this hotel am I able to sleep peacefully.

First stop - Kaiton chicken rice.
Just opposite Palladium shopping mall.
Everyone appetite is not so big, so we only ordered 4 plates of chicken rice.
Next time can try the soup and chicken organs. Heard that they are nice!

Their green chili are awesome!!!
If not for my ulcers, I would have clear all the green chili.

After which we went Big C supermarket for snacks shopping.
Seriously, people sweep daily products and snacks there.

Next, we went Palladium night market for shopping and head back to hotel to bath and then for leg massage.
This time round we went, they had two competitor shops opened.
I always had my massage at blue spa (staff wear blue uniform) which is just beside the hotel.
Now they opened another shop called Sagate (staff wear pink uniform) opposite them.
And another one further in front with staff wearing red uniform.

Life is good!
After massage, we had a good sleep.
My sleeping partner is obsessed with their body massage, manicure and pedicure. LOL!
I need a travel partner like that.

Life is simple over here. Love it!

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