Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taiwan Aug 2015 - 25 Aug - Day 9

Day 9... So sad because it is the last day~ 
Holiday ending soon and back to reality life~ :(

The owner want us to separate our rubbish and throw accordingly. 
Love their recycling effort. SG will take super long to achieve such effort from the locals. 

First stop, driver brought us to eat what the locals eat for breakfast. Super yummy!!!

Intestines~ My love~

Second stop to Wei ge pastries 维格饼家.
And we get to make pineapple tarts on our own, bake it and bring home.
It taste really great when fresh out from the oven.
I best recommend the pineapple tarts bought there to be finished within 3 days because after that it doesn't taste that great anymore.

Third stop to Ta Shee Blooming Oasis 大溪花海農場.

Fourth stop to Matchmaker temple 月老庙.
Welfie with the driver~

Fifth stop to Ying ge old street 鶯歌老街. Lots of ceramics products there.

Settled our lunch here as recommended by the driver. Very delicious but too big a portion!

Last stop to Tao yuan and fly back to SG~ T.T

Super yummy airplane food by Jetstar~ Yum Yum.

Till next time Taiwan~

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