Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Dec 2015 - 01 Dec - Day 1

Sometimes I really like follow tour group. I like the feeling of slacking. Everything was just planned by them. All we had to do is to follow, get up the bus to sleep, get down the bus and explore. HAHAH! 
And I really enjoy that this is an encore holiday. Because one day before, I just returned from BKK. 
Feeling really shiok. 

Yea, we are on TigerAir. I am surprised that I don't need to climb down the stairs, took a shuttle bus and climb up the plane.

Is that Mekong river? I DON'T KNOW.

First stop - tourist place - Independence palace

Our tour guide! He did a great job!

Second stop - Lunch at Ai hue chinese restaurant.
Big portion and good taste!

The chicken coconut soup is my favorite of all!

Third stop - Binh Tay wholesale market
Nothing much except for all of us are holding tightly to our bags.
We had a great fear of thief after tour guide warning.
Everyone are on top alert and we kept seeing other western tourist like walking around so naturally. LOL!
This is not the kind of wholesale market in BKK. You had to buy things in bulk of 6 or 12 or more. CRAZY! Except for luggage.
This market business is very busy among their locals. Lots of shooing and beeping everywhere.
Roadside stall. See see but don't dare to eat.
Tour guide say unhygienic cause lots of dust on the road and you don't when they start selling those food.
We can't even drink the tap water from their hotel. We had to buy big mineral bottle from their convenience shop.

Fourth stop - tourist place - Saigon central post office
Nothing much also. I am not a fan of these historical building or places.
I prefer seeing scenery, animals or food.

See the man with the tray of bun above his head.
No business made because we Kiasi!

Opposite the post office is the Notre Dame church.
Very pretty and we can only see from the outside.
Nothing much. You can clear this place in like 15 minutes.

Fifth stop - Checked in to hotel and rest a while.
We are staying at Silverland Central Hotel & Spa. Quite nice and decent hotel. Clean room very fast.
Christmas feeling everywhere.

On the way for dinner.
Dinner place is very near but due to jam, we took a while to travel there.
Very interesting to see their chaotic traffic on the road.
Blessed that SG traffic is very organised and orderly.

Sixth stop - Dinner at Windsor Plaza hotel buffet.

They had lots of expensive looking huge chandeliers there.

Seventh stop - Our tour leader bought us to casino.
We just went there to slack, enjoy free drinks and play games on our phone. LOL!
We had to wait for the tour leader and another person to gamble finish before we can set off together back hotel.
This is because we don't know how to cross the road. The way we cross the road, confirm can see we are tourist. We scream, run and laugh. AHAHHAHH!

End of day 1. INSOMNIA!

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