Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Dec 2015 - 02 Dec - Day 2

Simple hotel breakfast.
Here is where I discover my great love for plain congee plus salted egg.
Plain love!!!

First stop - Ben Thanh market.
After our breakfast, we walk to the market which is just 3 minutes walk from our hotel.
Things are not as cheap as BKK. And also I hate the trouble to bargain price. We had to cut by half and negotiate. So tiring. I don't really had to do so in BKK, cause most of them had their price written out, mostly are very very super reasonable price already. Even for BKK tuk tuk, we didn't had to negotiate most of the time.
Best things to buy in Ben Thanh market is sport shoes and nuts.

Some Vietnam traditional dessert.
Glutinous rice with coconut shred and mung bean inside.

Love this! Blue sky, green field, red soil~ Enjoying life~

Second stop - tourist place - Cu Chi tunnel

 Lots of huge earthworms here which my Mum is so afraid. HAHHAHHA!

He enter from this hole and come out from another hole.
Don't ever ask me to try this out.

Deadly trap. You drop in then goodbye le.

 Enter one of the tunnel and this is how it look like inside.

 Tapioca snacks with peanut sugar.

 We are surrounded by forest of bamboo~

Third stop - Lunch at a super pretty place.

We are surrounded by water moving plants.
We lunch by a super pretty view. I wish to be here all day long from sunrise to sunset.

Fourth stop - War Remnants Museum
Nothing much but sadness of war photos. Lots of Caucasians here.

Spotted Mr Lee.

Fifth stop - Golden dragon water puppet theater
Performance was in Vietnamese. Didn't really under what they say so just understand based on what we see. Quite interesting.

Interesting show.

Sixth stop - Dinner buffet at Hoang yen restaurant at Parkson shopping mall.

Spotted Merlion in the mall.

Back to hotel and explored one of the other room.
So damn pretty and luxury. Jealous of the Jacuzzi!

Seventh stop - Tour leader bought us for massage that he say is very good.
I had a total shocked! The massage ladies are super hot sexy slutty ladies.
I feel that I entered a wrong place.
But not so bad la, hair washing + face washing + body massage.
But the massage part super light. No strength and super lousy. I still prefer BKK leg massage.
I think the full body massage in BKK is million times better than here.
Further more, they closed super early at 10pm. Got business also don't want do.

Eighth stop - tour leader bought us for casino again.
Cause the food there is free also. So we went there for food and drink this time. LOL!

After which we went back hotel to rest while watching Korean shows.
Missed the time in Korea hotel watching Korean variety shows.

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