Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Dec 2015 - 04 Dec - Day 4

Last breakfast of the trip.
Chiong for my favourite - plain congee plus salted egg. 

Finally had the time to snap photos of the hotel room.
Never see before such unusual arrangement.
3 rooms on this corridor, another few rooms on another corridor separated by stairs.
Another few rooms only accessed by another lift. Strange.

Cleaning the luxury room at the end.

First stop - to the nearby morning market again.
This time I finally managed to build up my courage to snap a photo of it.

After which we are back to the hotel after shopping.

Here I am with a second serving of the plain congee plus salted egg.
OMG! I missed it now.

This gold machine is for cleaning shoe. Dust, polish and clean. Cool!

Second stop - Lunch buffet at Liberty central hotel restaurant.
Very beautiful and atas place.

Super nice painting on their wall at the lobby.

Third stop - Tan Son Nhat international airport.
Time to say goodbye to Ho Chi Minh city.
Our flight got delayed by an hour or so.

Ya! We are very Kiasu Singaporean. Check in counter haven open, tour leader don't know go where slack, we had already started queuing up. We are 30 minutes earlier before the counter open. HAHHAHAH! Singaporean spirit and culture still strong overseas.

We were lucky, our row falls under the priority lane.
We get to board first! Yeah!!!
I love this air ticket - economy class.
I still remember my last year trip to BKK, when I return, my boarding pass is a receipt form of paper.

Touched down Singapore and my baggage handle is slanted.
HAHHAHHAHA! I get to experience the process for baggage claim.

End of this fun trip and back to reality. :(

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