Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Dec 2015 - 03 Dec - Day 3

First stop - Same same. Breakfast and morning market again.
Saw those chairs! Their weapons to keep customers happy. One customer buy, the rest of us who see see feeling bored will be distributed a chair to sit.

On the way to second stop.
Super pretty blue sky with green field.

Second stop - Vinh Trang Pagoda
Very beautiful and oriental place. The buddha inside look very old, and I like that old old feeling.

The three big status outside the temple are very pretty.

Third stop - Boat trip to Mekong river village.

This where adventures begin. Super super challenging, interesting and exciting. HAHHAH!
This is where I feel all man are very manly and useful. HAHAHHA!

I want one of that hammock in my house next time!

Fourth stop - coconut candy making process.
The candy is very fragrant. Regret for not buying them back as present for friends!

Hate the soil muddy unstable ground. Yuck!

Fifth stop - Honey tea tasting session.

Honey infested with honey bees.

Sixth stop - Moved over to another place for fruit tasting.
I quite fear the way they prepare their fruits. Fear that I don't know how they prepare it.

Fruit tasting paired with ladies singing songs.

Moving on to taking Sampang. Excited!!!

Tiny puppy. Cute!!!

Seventh stop - Sampan
Quite scary when no one hold us.
Quite scary when someone heavy is entering the sampan.
Quite scary when the sampan sway.
But it is worth the experience! Super fun!

Back on big boat and moving on to another island.

Eighth stop - Another island.
This is the atap seed plant.

 Ninth stop - Horse carriage to lunch place. Super fun.

Tenth stop - Lunch at don't know where.

Staff wrapping Vietnam rice rolls for each of us.

I saw this before on either 爱玩客 or 美食大三通, james hosted.
The show even showed us how it was made.
This is called dinosaur egg.
So when I first ate it, I was like thinking why looked so weird, the white thing only on some part of it. At first I thought it is fishcake.
Then I tasted it, straight away I know this is the egg thing. HAHAHAHH!
Watching food shows really gave me lots of knowledge!

Hammock resting area for visitors.

Eleventh stop - Slightly bigger than sampan boat ride back to big boat.
This is also scary because NO ONE IS THERE TO HOLD US!
Oh my god! So fearful but so fun lah!
Everyone is like so panic! HAHHAHA!

Saying good bye to Mekong river.

Twelve stop - back to big city.
Back on sea again. This time is the big cruise ride to cruise around the beautiful city.
When we reached, we thought we are getting on this ship.

Fat hope, we are hopping on the one on the right.
The wooden one won't move at all.

Welcomed by beautiful sunset.

Dinner on the cruise.
Server/ waiter dressed up as sailor. Handsome attire.
Very delicious food also.

The awesome thing is lots of korean are on board this cruise. HAHAHHA!
Feeling the shiokness.

Thirteen stop - Back to hotel and tourleader bring us to buy super super famous french bread there.
The shop name is Poki Poki.
We wanted to buy cold french bread back home but there are sold out! :(
We can only buy to eat there.
We tasted it! SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER DELICIOUS! So flavorful.
We bought back to hotel and ask the kitchen help us cut.
The hotel staff were super nice to help us cut!!! Thumbs up to the hotel!!!

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