Monday, July 04, 2016

Japan 2016 | Osaka - 27 Mar - Day 1

Itinerary: Singapore > Haneda airport > Itami airport > Airbnb > Kyobashi

First stop: Japan Airlines

First time to Japan, free and easy with only one of my bff. Before the trip, I am having mixed feeling. Feeling a little nervous because it is a new place with complicated train system but feeling excited to see the pretty charming sakura and places there~

We managed to book Japan airlines at a promo price of $700 plus only. We took the midnight flight there and I had a bad time because I was abit sleepy but not to the extend that I am able to fall asleep. Bad start of the trip due to lack of sleep and lead to feeling nauseous for the whole entire day. The whole day I was feeling tired, dazed, loss of appetite and cold. Only after reached our Airbnb and had a hot bath then I am feeling better. The loss of appetite still haunt me for 2 more days. Really terrible feeling. :(

Waking up to pretty sunrise. I hope I had lots of energy to witness the full sunrise.

Fluffy clouds~

Breakfast which I don't like. On the right is a bowl of veg soup plus they mistakenly gave me tomato juice when I asked for apple juice. These 2 add up causing my nauseous. I think the coldness, sweetness and sourness of the salad, pudding and fruits add up to the nauseous feeling also. After the plane landed, I vomited out and causing abdomen pain. Now I am a little bit afraid of midnight long flight. If is short trip to Bangkok midnight flight, I still can handle.

Second stop: Haneda Airport
We landed at Haneda airport. After the trip then we realize, Narita airport would be more convenient because it has the airport express train and more cheaper domestic flight to Osaka. We also realized Changi airport portable wifi is a few bucks more cheaper than Pupuru portable wifi. I feel that Changi airport portable wifi is better because we can still surf net while waiting for the flight back to SG. Pupuru however need to be returned before we enter the departure hall. 2 lessons learnt.

So we had some light snacks and a short nap while waiting for the domestic flight.

 Had some light snacks while waiting for our flight~

And we had an awesome view while snacking.

And a short 30 minutes power nap, I think I look a little bit better. Before that I looked like zombie.

Japanese women with their bento set. And they eat so gracefully~

On board domestic flight and look what I captured!!! Mount Fuji. Bff was napping so only I managed to witness it. HAHHAHAA!

Third stop: Osaka Kyobashi station Airbnb
And there we are at our Airbnb. Totally zero energy left. We need to carry our heavy luggage up and down short stairs and escalator. I really afraid it roll down the escalator. HAHHAAH!
Due to zero energy left, not much photos of the clean Airbnb was taken.

After a good nap again, we went out downstairs for dinner. We had Manneken waffles which is located conveniently at our Kyobashi train station. It really tastes super delicious and soft~ Missing it now~
I am having maple flavour and bff is having chocolate flavour.

Korea also have such string cheese sticks. Next trip to Korea, I will go their supermarket and haunt them down. Gonna buy a bulk back! Didn't spot any mega supermarket in Japan.

 Dinner we had Takoyaki and beer. We were quite full so we had our ramen the next day.

Peach beer is really really nice.

Bff manly beer. XD

After a hot bath, I finally feel better and alive. So we had the energy to dress up in the Yukata provided and had some welfies~ 

That's all for day 1, good night~ 

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