Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Japan 2016 | Osaka - 28 Mar - Day 2

Itinerary: Nara park > Dotonbori

Simple and small yet comfy.

Saw this in Korea convenience stall and was addicted to these string cheese. 
Now in Japan convenience stall, they have it too!!! 
Why Singapore don't have? :(

Instant noodles for breakfast! Very delicious!

Time to set off to our first destination.
We love the woman cabin and almost everytime, we queue for the woman ones.

First stop: Nara Park
Waiting in the cold outdoor for the train to Nara Park.
Actually it wasn't really cold until the wind started blowing!
However, I kind of love the cold weather there because my hair are not so frizzy and dry.

Bought these mochi red bean snack from the convenience stall. Taste super nice! Wanted to buy home some for Mum but I am afraid she will find it too sweet.

First stop: Nara Park to see deer~
We bought the biscuits to feed them.

The shrine that is deep inside Nara Park.

Chance upon these trees full of pretty unique flowers.

Wanted to have a selfie with the sakura tree behind but the worker wanted to open the gate and want us to move away.
Forgot why we laughed so happily together. HAHHAHA!

A welfie with us, deer biscuit, deer, sun ray and the beautiful blue sky~

We walk back to the station and randomly walk into this udon shop.
Udon noodles for lunch.
Super simple and original but taste really super good~
A hot bowl of noodle soup in that super cold weather is a bliss~

Second stop: Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding at Nara station
BFF recommend to try these pudding at the train station.

I had sakura and she chocolate flavour. 
Unfortunately, it can only be store for a few days under cold temperature so we couldn't bring them back to SG. 
So BFF mass buy and eat one for the next few days. 
The best part is we get to take back the cute container and we use it to store sakura flowers that have fallen on the road. 

After that we travel back to our Airbnb to rest a bit and soak our cold leg with hot water, before we went off to Dotonbori for dinner. 

Third stop: Dotonbori for dinner

Had our 1st round of takoyaki. When we saw there is a queue, we try. Quite nice. 

BFF was hungry and took one first. HAHHAH!

Then we walk on abit and saw cheap conveyor belt and decided to go in and try a few pieces. Not bad!

We shared a few interesting ones we saw. 
Slimy lady fingers~


Some kind of clam~

 Smoked salmon~


And we tried the tuna there but forgot to take photo. 
Tuna there taste so much nicer than in SG. 

And we went for a 2nd round of takoyaki. 
This was so much cheaper and more nicer!!! 
The best part is you can DIY the toppings on top. You can add as many fish flakes as you like! 

Then we walk around and saw so many people camping outside here waiting for dunno who. 

Then we went arcade to see see~ So many cute stuffs~ But we didn't waste money to try any.

We saw this but we didn't try because we were too full by then. Totally regret because after that we can't find this shop. Sad~

After that we went to browse around and walked past some beautiful street~


We were back at our Airbnb for supper and sake~

That's all for day 2~ 

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