Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bangkok Sep 2016 - 16 Sep to 20 Sep

Just a short getaway to relax and do some shopping.

Day 1 - 16 Sep
 Always very excited to travel out of SG.

This trip we are taking tigerair! Finally we get to use the BMF privilege and walk in like a boss!

My shoe gives way just before boarding the flight. I knew it will give way but didn't know so fast.
So in the plane we think and think for solution. So I am using plaster to save it till I reached hotel.
Another pair give way when I reached BKK airport. LOL! Another disaster!

 Reached BKK safely.

First time trying out taxi services at the S airport. Usually I will take taxi from DMK airport and public transport at S airport. As I grow older, I become more and more lazy! Need to find back the cheapo and hardworking me.

Reached my all time favourite Budacco hotel!
Because we booked this trip quite last minute so those cheap rooms are sold out.
Booked a level higher room this time and was greeted by 3 cute elephants folded with 6 towels!

 My CMI shoe.

Oh, and yes, our hotel is just below the gym and 2 pokestops. 
However we didn't play much, the more only fight the gym and try to achieve 200 pokecoins. 

Dropping by nearby restaurant for dinner. Taste so so, but the pad thai was good.

Went for shopping abit and then ended the night with my every trip must do: leg scrub + massage!!!
Having someone to scrub for you is so much more shiok than doing it myself. XD Plus they spend 30 minutes to scrub, whereas I will only spend 5 minutes only. So I always come home with smooth legs. HHAHAHHA!

Day 2 - 17 Sep
Waking up to a good sunny weather.

Simple good breakfast from the hotel.

 Tuk tuk to Chatuchak!!!

Coconut ice cream to cool ourselves.


Chicken noodles for lunch! This time they changed their menu to a clearer version and added some raddish into the soup.

After shopping and lunch, we were tired so we decided to go back hotel to have a short nap.
And then setting off for dinner now. While waiting for grabcar, we saw fried drumstick and bought one. Taste so great like before!!! Totally cannot compare with those in fast food! This is so much more tastier!!!

Dinner at T&K seafood. I really need to conclude, among so many zhi char we ate, T&K ones tastes so much better.

After which we drop by the shop beside for our bird nest beauty therapy. XD

And then back to hotel for leg massage!!!

Day 3 - 18 Sep 
 Usual hotel breakfast. They have okonomiyaki today and it taste really good man!

After some light shopping, we dropped by saeb saeb wanton noodles for lunch. So damn sad that the intestines were sold out!!!! ARGH!

 Had grilled mini bananas for snack.

Then once again we are back in hotel for napping. Not for me thou, for the others.
I don't usually take afternoon nap. So normally I will self entertain myself. XD

After napping, we went for high tea at Central world.
 We tried out the taiyaki croissant. Taste so so, missed the one in Japan old shop!

And I finally tried cheese tarts!!! And it taste so damn good!!!
Next time gonna buy a dozen back SG.

Had dinner by a random roadside stalls.
The fish taste super super super salty. Not a good attempt.

Was doing shopping halfway and saw lots of cats!!! AAWWWW~

 My cutie pie~

 Feeding time!

After dinner, we went back to Central world for dessert again!!!

Always will order this shibuya honey toast!!! Yum!!!
Dessert are fattening so we ordered one to slowly savour~

Day 4 - 19 Sep

Decided to try Victory Monument boat noodles!

Free pre-meal appetizer? dessert? snacks? Not sure thou. This is free flow thou, tried one and it taste like coconut jelly with some glutinous rice stuff. Something like we can find in Bengawan solo taste.

 Lots of customers!!!

We ordered 2 set of all flavours. The brown bowl beef ones taste really super good.
Will go back there for it again!

Then we went Platinum mall for some shopping and then dinner there!
The food there taste good always.
Mango salad, mango glutinous rice...Yum!

Finally get to tried green curry!!! And finally satisfied my cravings for nicely marinated intestines~

Day 5 - 20 Sep
Last day.... And these are my loots!

 The premium milk bought from 7-11 is really nice!

During this trip, some nights were raining away. Not very good weather for this trip. Not only about the weather, I remember I was a little unwell too.

 Bought passion fruit and coconut juice at Siam paragon gourmet supermarket.

Back in hotel cafe for some simple lunch.
Chicken kway teow soup.

Travelling to airport now.

Back to reality. :(

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