Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Japan 2016 | Tokyo - 5 Apr - Day 10

Itinerary: Haneda airport > Changi airport > Home sweet home

Flying back to SG today~ Sad~

 She look like as if she is leaving house. LOL!

We regret for taking taxi cause it is super duper expensive.
Lesson learnt is to book airbnb near the train station that heads to airport in one train. If need to change train then it is abit troublesome because their train are always super crowded.

 Gonna buy these babies home!

 Light breakfast before checking in.

 Waiting yah~

 I must say my hair condition in Japan is super good. It is so much moisturized as compared to in SG.

Always love watching the bird eye views from the plane window.

 Hot meal taste the best. Don't really like cold main dish like bibimbap kind.

 This taste so good!

That's all!

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