Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What I did in January 2017 | Gong Xi Fa Cai! HUAT ah!!!

January was quite peaceful with nothing big happening. This month had lesser food hunt and food stuffing cause everyone are preparing to be stuffed during CNY. This year CNY came early at the end of January. But I don't like it that CNY day 1 and 2 fall on weekend. It will be good if it falls on Tuesday and Wednesday with Monday half day. XD

Before CNY, went exploring around Chinatown and of course walk into the CNY pasar malam to feel the CNY atmosphere and also to test the free samples of stewed mushroom, jellies and peanuts... 
We chanced upon this super old creepy antique shop which have an interesting banner. The banner says: We buy junk and sell antiques. Some fools buy some fools sell.
We didn't dare to enter cause later we kena sell. XD

Pretty CNY decor at buddha tooth temple.

CNY eve dinner. The meal I looked forward to most every year.

Next year I would like to siam CNY by travelling out after CNY day 2 since we had not much relatives to visit. I have found kaki but not sure if it will happen anot.

Good bye January 2017.

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