Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Hong Kong 2017 | 18 Feb - Day 1

Itinerary: Changi airport > HK airport > Mak's noodle > 川味美食 > Tai cheong bakery > Lan fong yuen > Symphony of lights > Ichiran ramen tsim sha tsui branch

 View from cabin crew window. Clouds are always so pretty~

 Bored while waiting for toilet.

Finally we reached HK, bought sim card, octopus card and express train card and start our journey.
We deposit our luggage at Prudential hotel before we head for our meals.
Love the blue sky.

First stop: Mak's noodles
Super good! Will come back again!

The portion is quite small but good enough to eat abit here and head to other places to try other food.

Next stop: 川味美食
This is super good too! Unfortunately my friend take spicy food, if not I would go for the mala taste. Yum!

Their milk tea is really good too!

Finally it is time for us to check in to the hotel. Nice cosy spacious hotel. I heard from my friend that other hotel are smaller. This hotel is consider the most spacious.

 View from our hotel.

On the way to our next destination.

 Spotted this shop with nice healthy food~

Next stop: Tai cheong bakery

 Bought their egg tarts and sugar bun. Both taste so-so only. I won't buy again.

Next stop: Lan fong yuen
We bought their famous pork chop bun and milk tea. Both taste good but the meat portion abit small.

The environment is so vintage and full of feel. So nice! I think it would be nice to spend some time exploring around and appreciate the building structures.

Walked into some random dessert shop and had this.

Next stop: Symphony of lights
We were lucky to chance upon mobile ice cream van. The taste and feeling is so vintage!

 The symphony of lights performance is not as happening as I thought. Not worth making this trip I feel. Maybe come for a photoshoot, enjoy the pretty nightview and feel the cooling breeze.

Next stop: Ichiran ramen tsim sha tsui branch
24 hours famous japanese ramen. Super worth the hype. It really taste good and the queue is super insane. This branch doesn't have those privacy seating. I prefer the branch with privacy seating kind.

Super good but not that filling as the ones I had in Japan.

The day was really well spent, in fact everyday as we ended our day at 1-2am. :p

That's all for day 1. 

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