Saturday, April 01, 2017

What I did in March 2017 | Sewing machine first work

First time tried bingsu in SG. The first and last bingsu I had was in Korea Seoul; the origin of bingsu. Didn't really like the markup price of bingsu in SG until kopitiam had it. Suitable for cheapo me. Even thou there are many fanciful flavours and patterns of bingsu, after trying some interesting wild flavours, I still prefer the original, plain and simple flavour. Anything that is plain and simple taste the best!

Tried the matcha ones, it taste quite sweet. As I aged, I like lighter flavours.

Went for first buffet of the year. Korean bbq with my favourite chef friend! The onion was bbq to perfection crispiness!

Went for sewing class to make a kisslock pouch and finally this class gives me courage to kick-start the sewing machine I bought at home. And hence I sew up a pillow case and modified an apron all by myself even without my Mum guidance. So proud of myself actually. HAHA! Even thou the threads are quite ugly and messy but still usable! But definitely not sell-able. HAHA!

Good bye March 2017.

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