Sunday, March 05, 2017

Hong Kong 2017 | 22 Feb - Day 5

Itinerary: Jenny bakery sheung wan branch > Lin Heung Tea House > Times square > HK airport > Changi airport

First stop: Jenny bakery sheung wan branch
We were so sad, the sheung wan branch was closed since late december due to low stock supply. Not much time left hence didn't went to the tsim sha tsui branch. Even if we went, we had to spend 1-2 hours to queue for it maybe? I will come for you on my next trip. :)

 Funny that their right shop openly say they are selling Jenny bakery cookies. XD

Next stop: Lin Heung Tea House
This tea house is mad house, super locally feel. The food taste not bad but the service is super mad house. You get your dim sum from the cart personally and then they will chop your card. So when the cart was refilled with food, everyone chiong to that one cart in the restaurant. The aunty become super busy, grumpy and annoyed because everyone snatching her food. HAHAHA!

 This is super fragrant and good.

 I remember this taste good! Yum!

 This is super good too!!! So good we that we went to the cart to take again.

Next stop: Times square
We went for some light shopping before heading to HK airport.
Taxi-ing to the airport.

I will return to HK again as I have yet to explore macau and ngong ping. Next trip I will probably only come for food and sight seeing. I miss the shopping were too expensive.
That's all.

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