Thursday, June 01, 2017

What I did in May 2017 | First time prawning & TWG session

My tank was really really dirty. This is the outcome after 3 years. And one day I count, I was like OMG! From 9 shrimps become less than 9 shrimps~ So sad~ So I gonna bring it to refresh~ Yayy~



Spotted this vending machine, pay once and catch till u got one.

Collagen hotpot! Niam!

Snack loots from colleagues coming back from Korea and Japan~

 Fanciful looking chocolates from Japan!

First time prawning~ So fun!


First time dinning at TWG.
  Pretty food!

 Spotted a big blue sky!

Bring Whiskey for haircut! He was shaking all the while. So ke lian~

Chilling by the pool having a me time~ How I wish I can nua there whole night~

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