Saturday, July 01, 2017

What I did in Jun 2017 | I only know how to eat and done nothing productive this month!

 It has been years since I last ate HDL. Still as good as still as expensive! HAHHA!

Standing sushi bar. Back here to satisfy colleague salmon cravings~

Went to Padma new BTO house warming~ When can I get my own house?

Padma dog loves to step on me~ HHAHH! So cute!

Finally I refreshed my shrimp tank!!! Yayy~

 Chao ta toast~ Too much sugar bits, I prefer toast box ones~

 Comparable dian xiao er in JB.

 Clean looking meow~

Tried the minions. So cute but taste so so~ I feel that they are too thick, too much carbs.

Finally I remembered to use my minnie bowl~ So cute!

 One of my favourite starbucks drink is back. I love the earl grey jelly!

 As usual topped with lots of cinnamon powder~ Not easy to find someone who loves sprinkle lots of cinnamon powder on starbucks drink like I do.

Believe it or not, this is my first time visiting geylang serai hari raya pasar malam. And first time eating this too. I went Taiwan saw it but didn't try it. HHAHA! Taste quite nice but best to share~

 Roadside lok lok at JB. First time eating and I love it!
 Often buffet raw oysters disappoint me but today ones were good and not fishy. Or is it because I flood it with too much lemon juice and too much Tabasco sauce? XD

 Colleague loots from Taiwan. Pokemon soda! So cute!

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