Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Biomedical Asia 2008 Singapore.

It was held in the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre. It was kind of high-class and grand, i love that high-class feeling very much. Before we go in, we need to make a personal visitor badge of our own name. The strap was orange in colour and i love it very very much. It was so cool. Other professional badge were bigger and with a plastic cover. That one was more grand and cool. How i wish one day i can be like them.

There were many professionals and high position people over there. Everyone looked so rich and glamous. Everyone must be very clever and smart.

I felt so out over there because they were speaking in chimilogy language. I can't really understand what they were saying about because there were too many medical terms. The content of most of the conversations there were about advertising their products. What i want to know is that which company have which position and what that position is about.

There were food and it looked delicious but everyone don't dare to go forward to grab a bite. :x

Overall the activity was quite fun and i like the feeling. :)

Tomorrow i have to start school again but i am definitely not looking forward to friday hell lesson. :(

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