Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trip to Bras Basah~

Just had a tiring trip to Bras Basah. It was very tiring because i went to search all the bookstore in the whole building. I strolled slowly from the first floor and into each bookstore and then to second and third and the last floor. Imagine how tired was that? (''~) What more was that the bookstore have uncountable books. I had difficulty moving around comfortably and also it made me giddy. (@.@)

This morning i bought the newspaper and in it contained many news about GLOBAL WARMING. Many people does not treat this very seriously. But for those who thinks that this was a big matter, they wil be very worried for it. When i read those articles, i also felt that i should do something to the earth too to save the it.

Things that everyone can plays a part in saving the earth are:
- saving electricity
- reduce waste
- reduce using plastics
- reduce using gas
- encourage others to reduce usage of plastics

I will try my best to do my part in saving my home. EARTH! :)

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