Friday, April 11, 2008


Oh my, i am very very sad and stress about today. My facilitator was so scary, it freaked me out and i cried when i finished my bath. Even after i had finished my class, my heartbeat was still beating very fast. I think i will be getting many lousy grades from her and also i will also be skipping her class more often.

After she had shown her powerful temper at the second meeting onward, everyone started to get nervous and scared as we afraid that third meeting will be more worst. But it was much more scary than expected.
After school i complain everything out to Christine and SY and felt better.

Therefore now i was so not looking forward to friday and i hate this facilitator for sure. Everyone too. Fear and hatred! I think those whom was being taught by her was so unlucky and dislike her a lot. She spoilt my mood and i had difficulty forgetting about the bad moments. :(

Shall end here and forget about her, enjoy myself and start battle on friday again! (:_:)

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