Wednesday, April 09, 2008

DIY bottled plant.

Just came back from RP. Actually i shouldn't had gone back to school today but i went for the sake of having fun and to learn more things. We learned how to do DIY bottle plant using crystal soil.

The crystal soil come in red, purple, yellow and green. I love to mix the purple and yellow together. The yellow somehow when mashed up turned into white colour, so it was like light purple mix with white. It was a nice and perfect combination and i like it very much.

Actually everyone were only supposed to bring home one tube of plant but me and SY bring home two. We were allowed to bring home another tube with no plant and so we smuggled it home. HEHs.

Recently i have poor appetite, i just couldn't finish up my food and didn't plan to finish up too. I wish my appetite will return soon. Maybe it was due to that i haven adapted the life back to school. :x

JIA YOU! I must be HAPPY! :D

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