Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to school. SIAN-ness!

Sight rewards for being self-discipline. :D

Wah, i did have self-discipline after all. :) Actually this morning when i waked up, i felt extremely tired because i couldn't get to sleep and kept tossing on the bed until 2am maybe. Then when i waked up, i was zillions reluctant to go to school. In the end i went and i don't know what motivated me.

Halfway through the lesson, some of my classmates wanted to skip school. It was very tempting for me but in the end i still stayed because i have got the answer to the problem. When our team presented, i first thought that we did covered enough but after hearing facilitator comments, we did not cover enough. I felt a bit lousy and hack care about it.

Overall i felt the day was quite relaxing because the facilitator will not expect us to pay attention during the third meeting but i bet we will get some lousy grade from her maybe. So far, most of the relief facilitator grade were very lousy and they always were wolf with a sheep skin.

I am going to endure and bear with all this hardships. I believe it will benefit me when i entered the working world. Give my best shot for the day and chill after school! :)

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