Wednesday, June 25, 2008

许茹芸 (XuRuYun) - 泪海 (LeiHai; sea of tears)

泪海 - cry sea

I love listening to good and nice songs. Some oldie songs are extremely nice. This is one of them. You may type in the song title to youtube and enjoy the nice melody of the song. :) The bold part of the lyrics are my favourite part. ")

作词:季忠平 / 许常德

爱已不能动 还有什麽值得我心痛
想你的天空 下起雨来
没人心疼的黑夜 脸颊两行咸咸的泪水
是你 哦是你
让我望穿泪水 肝肠寸断

付出的感情永远 找不回来
伤心的往事一幕幕就像潮水 将我淹埋
repeat all above.

闭上了双眼 还看见和你的缠绵
眼角的泪水 洗不去心中
repeat centre.

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