Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fired on Head.

Wah lao, I am damn pissed off now. Who is he to me? We do not have any blood related and yet he dare and have the cheek to scold me "STUPID". He bloody hell, hope one day when his wisdom struck back to him, he will realised that he is wrong. As if he is not stupid, I think he is not any way better than me.

He doesn't show respect to me and keep saying things i did not like. He might think that they are jokes to me and could make me laugh. Those low class jokes no one will laugh at it. Instead people would get offended by him.

He say me stupid for saying the price out. Then why don't he just come along and decide it himself. I have no clue on what is it about and normally i would not stab price especially such things that i have no slight interest in. He scold me once stupid is ok, but the moment he came back home, he keep grumbling about this and that. Since he had so many opinions and let him decide it. Don't behave like a woman so PO PO MA MA. I hate guys who are like that especially one who is already so old and have come through so many life experiences.

Haizx. I do not want to go on and talk about him anymore. It is already very hurting and sad of being scolded stupid for what i shouldn't have. Next time i hope he could realise his mistake.

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