Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tired from PURE laughing.


HAHHAHAS. I think today was my most happily day in this class even. Now i have felt that the class has become more closer to each other. I think it is because of the ghost movies that we watched during the second meeting aka lunch break as well as today skit performance.

Today i really laugh very hard during the skit performance. The most funny part was mostly YOYO part when she was seducing Limin whom act as the rich father and when she was talking to Kathrix the lawyer. HAHs. Full of laughters.

I think my class was quite close to each other as compared to Christine class. In my class when we leave, everyone will still say goodbye to each other. I think this is a very warm feeling for me. :)

Today we had laboratory activity and it was very fun as usual. We got to do DNA fingerprinting. The result was not very clear because we had little experiences in doing it and we were doing it for the first time. Overall everyone find it extremely fun and i enjoyed myself too! :) I have always love lab work.

The bands were not very clearly shown on the gel. If we were to do by another way which is to put a certain solution and the bands will be clearly visible under the UV light.

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