Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Wondering what i means about my title? hehs. Yesterday for my MCB reflection journal question, my facilitator gives the whole class a cheese quiz to find out what is our own personality.

The of the cheese i am is of course MOZARELLA! I kind of like and dislike the result.

The result states that:
I am a shiny, soft, round cheese. I am very imaginative and creative, but I don't like to stand out. I don't mind solitude at times and I love to do art.

Description of the mozarella cheese:
The plastic, spun-curd buffalo milk cheese Mozzarella, originated from southern Italy. Pasteurized milk is curdled at 90 degrees F and the curd is cut. Extra time in the vat is allowed so that the curd can sink to the bottom and so that the lactic acids can soften the curd to make it easier to knead. The curd is treated with extremely hot water (200 degrees F) and is kneaded into a shiny lump. Bits of the mass are taken off cooled salted and are soon ready to be marketed. [ Country: Italy Texture: soft ]

I like this result because i agree completely with what they say and mostly are very true. I do not like the result because this will make people think that i am anti-social and a very lonely person. In fact i am not! I will be very talkative with my close friends and people i like. I am also the one who take the initiative to make friends with other. I use to cheer my friends up even though the person is not very close with me. Therefore this means that if i am lock in a room alone with no other people, i won't feel bored, isolated or unhappy about being lock alone in a room.

But this quiz was really very cute because of the cartoon cheese. hehs. Thanks facilitator for being so creative in introducing this personality in the reflection journal.

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