Sunday, July 06, 2008

Shoe Prince, Shoe Quote.

Isn't this shoe a beauty? This is a creation by Giuseppe Zanott designer.

Below quote are by Shoe Prince - Giuseppe Zanotti
His creations adorn the feet of countless celebrities and fashionistas around the world.

Favourite day shoe "A simple thong. It goes with everything and can look so sexy.

Favourite night shoe "Jewelled sandal flats. Stilettos are sexy, but predictable. You can also wear the combination of jewels and flats anytime."

Jewel embellishments "For summer, I love using using semi-precious stones like turquoise and amethyst to add a bit of colour. For more formal events, I seek inspiration from '30s style glamour."

Design credo "Now woman want individuality and their own distinct personality. I don't follow trends - I follow a woman desire."

Favourite colour on Asian woman "Natural colours like bronze, pale gold and beige looks fantastic, and they go with everything."

Most unexpected material "Denim. I wanted to create something a little shocking. Lots of women like to pair sophisticated shoes with their favourite jeans, but i wanted to do the opposite. I wanted to design denim shoes that women can wear with other clothing, just like how one can pair a Lanvin dresss with sneakers. It's nice,no?

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